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Our Founder, Jack

Our Founder

The "Jack’s Back" advertising campaign launched in 1995. It is the longest ongoing advertising campaign in the QSR industry. Our hard-hitting television commercials feature our founder, Jack. He looks a bit like a clown, due to a genetically inherited large white head, but he is a serious businessman. Jack is passionate about offering the food you crave - but he adds an unexpected twist to keep things fun. His commercials are often quite "water cooler-worthy." In fact, the campaign has garnered eleven Effie awards for advertising effectiveness and has become a part of American pop-culture - making the brand into a regional powerhouse with fans all over the country.

Jack is a nationally recognized icon whose image has inspired more than 28 million people to adorn their car antennas with Jack antenna balls since 1995. His likeness has appeared on t-shirts, bumper stickers, holiday ornaments, Pez(r) dispensers and bendable figurines. Jack even ran for president in 1996 and beat out Bill Clinton and Bob Dole in a national independent virtual poll. In 2009, it was time to test this long-time ad campaign to make sure we were still relevant to our target customer...so we hit Jack with a bus. The outcry was unprecedented. Thousands and thousands of people played along and sent emails, letters and videos to Jack begging him to get well and get back to work. So he did.

Jack recently went on a global quest to find a better burger and now he’s back…better than ever. Today Jack continues to push conventional fast food rules as he believes fast food rules are made to be broken. No matter what it is - it is always surprising and entertaining which is what our audience loves about this brand.